Aims & Objectives

Project Results

  1. SeDiHUB’s training approach and modular curriculum, which includes a training methodology and subsequent evaluation, which is helpful for improving the skills of small and family businesses in the development of environmental services, sustainable development of sustainable entrepreneurship and the use of the digital economy.

  2. SeDiHUB’s training materials, firmly designed through its structure and content to pay attention to the needs of small and family businesses, to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly service related specifically to their personnel and field of operation. The training material serves the principles of distance learning, online and independent learning and service design theories.

  3. SeDiHUB’s online platform, a certified online learning platform for small and family businesses to deliver training materials, and great insights into the service design process and tools. It is enriched with a toolbox for web-based service design, including gamified resources.

  4. Guide to using SeDiHUB tools, during which a comprehensive guide is prepared for creating a center for small and family businesses and for the further use of the SeDiHUB field, both for vocational education and among those who provide training, support, consular services, etc. for small and family businesses.


SeDiHUB Compiled Report (R1)

Result 1 SeDiHUB Training Approach and Curriculum – Creation of the European micro and family business service design hub platform for fostering a sustainable digitalized economy

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