Project Overview

An innovative approach to directly help family and micro-enterprises in creating greater value through service design methodology. SeDiHUB allows family and micro-enterprises to develop their strategic management perspective: design thinking methodology integrated into strategic and tactical planning of an organization’s growth and providing services in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.



The service sector accounts for more than 70% of the EU output and jobs, so the future growth path and overall development of the economy and labour markets depend on it. Global consumption patterns are becoming unsustainable, and society faces serious environmental challenges, from rising global resource demands to climate change, water scarcity, threats to biodiversity and air pollution. At the same time, growing sustainability challenges already pressure businesses to consider the environmental impacts of their growth and adopt new sustainable business models. In light of this, service design thinking is becoming increasingly important in this rapidly growing service-based economy.

Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

SeDiHUB aims to upskill micro&family enterprises to employ SD to develop sustainable and digitalized services and is structured into the objectives below:

  • To raise awareness of micro&family enterprises about SD to develop customer-oriented services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way in the digitalized economy
  • To provide knowledge skills, required to create customer-oriented services themselves
  • To provide VET providers with a methodological approach of using new tools and online learning resources to teach SD when environmental issues and digitalization options have been taken into account
  • To create a training material specifically for micro&family enterprises, accompanied by the necessary guidelines and tools for developing services
  • To create an online learning platform to develop SD thinking among micro & family enterprises
  • To create a micro&family business hub where stakeholders can learn how to apply SD, matchmake and create joint services
  • To raise awareness among policymakers stakeholders involved in the business development ecosystem on SD thinking necessity as a crucial point of creating added value in the service, digital economy and sustainable development



CEDES is a non-profit association created in 2007 with the purpose of gathering the most relevant players in sustainable development in Portugal in order to develop common projects that can have a long-lasting impact on global sustainable development.


FOAAL Consulting is an Estonian training, consulting and project management company that offers its services to SMEs, NGOs and the public sector. FOAAL shares its experience in trainings on various topics such as Service Design, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas and Lean Method. Being entrepreneurs and initiators of many projects, we understand starting a business and how to grow your idea into a viable company. We help you create a business model, make sense of your competitive advantage, and find the best ways for potential customers to find your product or service. In addition, we prepare a risk analysis and put together all the numbers. Also, FOAAL helps the company to apply for various grants and manage projects. Our team has very extensive experience in various areas of business.

University of Patras (UPatras)
UPatras logo

The University of Patras (UPatras) is located in Patras, Achaia, Greece, and was founded in 1964, consisting of 7 schools and 35 departments. It caters for a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines through 35 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate study programs. One of its main goals is the creation of new knowledge through the promotion of scientific research. This makes the university particularly active in research, with a high reputation for quality and innovativeness. In the QS World Ranking / Top Universities (2021),  UPatras is ranked 751-800. Along with its other activities,  UPatras operates the Foreign Language Teaching Unit and the Educational Center for life-long learning. The university runs an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program in business administration following the latest scientific developments and covers a full range of topics related to business administration in private, public, and non-profit sector and entrepreneurship.

SIEC Finland
siec finland

Our main activities are: 

  • Organize courses, company visits, study trips, presentations and lectures, as well as parties to members and stakeholders
  •  Provide teachers and other business professionals with links to business education and expertise abroad 
  • Promote business education. 
  • Promote collaboration with all members and organisations close to business education. 
  • Research in the field of business education 
  • Projects to develop business education internationally Support business education and training students 
  • Publishing activities 

CARDET (Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology) an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organisation based in Cyprus. It is one of the leading research and development centres in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as Yale University, the University of Nicosia, and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in education and VET, youth support, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, e-learning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalised groups. One of the organisation’s core-strengths is the ability to carefully plan, implement, execute, and evaluate projects in various contexts.

CARDET’s mission is to inspire next generation education, and to promote research, innovation, and development through evidence-based practises, cutting-edge research, and empowered people.


Forwardspace is a business development organization in Pärnu, Estonia, and is mainly focused on developing startups and IT sector environments. We also offer co-working spaces and an inspiring working environment in the center of Pärnu for businesses and freelancers. Forwardspace is a community of entrepreneurial professionals from a wide range of areas (from ICT to creative industry), supporting each other in a synergistic environment with the goal of growing their business and enriching individually. Forwardspace service users can also take part in different seminars and trainings, various business workshops, mentoring lessons, and meetings with investors and other leverage events. The mission of Forwardspace is to contribute to the local community by fostering young entrepreneurs, providing training offers and giving young people a reason to stay in Pärnu and strengthen their active participation in the local society.


Instalofi Levante S.L. (FyG Consultores) is a private, high-level training enterprise, pioneers in co-creation with companies, adults and young people in the training on innovative concepts, business creation, employability basic skills, literacy and numeracy skills, entrepreneurship and soft and hard skills training.

FyG acts actively as an education and training company, promoting and enhancing the development of adults, seeing for new opportunities and helping them to become more employable, facing different factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed with economic or social obstacles.

FyG has experience in running a wide range of trainings courses and mentoring programmes for companies, entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, also with individuals from disadvantage groups. It acts a body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information providing services of job insertion and intermediation on the labour market for unemployed as: orientation, training, assessment and information.

In recent years, FyG has developed and implement a number of European international cooperation projects with Erasmus+ and COSME programme, dealing with enterprise creation and development, employability, management, Start Ups training, internationalization, Gamification and Innovation of the Entrepreneurial Training.

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